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    Chemical Service Plan

    We specialize in arranging chemical service plans for restaurants, pubs, hotels, cafés and cabarets. Besides our dishwashing detergents, we carry a wide line of products from laundry detergents, floor cleaners, hand soaps, glass & window cleaners, drain openers, oven cleaners etc.

    Our depth of knowledge also extends to the support you'll get from your Envirotek Solutions representative. We'll be able to anticipate your needs and help you extend the lifetime of your equipment and get the most from your chemical products, further reducing your operating costs – and saving you even more money. Our areas of expertise are below and not limited to:

    -Food & Beverage Cleaning
    -Infection Prevention
    -Food & Beverage Sanitation
    -Kitchen & Food Preparation
    -Food safety
    -Hand Hygiene
    -Janitorial Services

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    Restaurant Equipment

    Along with offering thousands of professional food equipment and supplies, our experienced professionals also provide a number of quality services, including professional installation, custom fabrication and product training. This ensures that the equipment being used performs at a reliable and high standard. Our list of restaurant supplies and equipment is not limited to:

    -Cooking Equipment
    -Equipment Stands
    -Food Holding/Warming
    -Ware Washing
    -Line Suppression
    -Beverage Equipment
    -Bar Equipment
    -Food Prep Equipment
    -Chef Knives
    -Tabletop & Serving
    -Worktables & Shelving
    -Furniture & Fixtures
    -Storage & Transport
    -Catering Equipment

    Equip your kitchen with top quality commercial cooking equipment. We carry reputable brands at prices that can't be beat. Also ask us about our new equipment leasing program.

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    Ware Washing Solutions

    Envirotek Solutions work with many manufacturers in order to provide the best solution of ware washing equipment to serve your business. Built for long-lasting durability and unmatched versatility, ware washing machines are made to clean everything from plates to forks and more. They're manufactured in a variety of different styles to meet the needs of virtually every food-service business model.

    Your dishes and glassware will always be spotless thanks to our great selection of warewashing equipment. Our supply of commercial dishwasher equipment and accessories will easily take the hassle out of cleaning dirty pots, pans, and dishes so you can get back to other important tasks in your food-service establishment. Browse through our selection of dish washing equipment to keep your commercial kitchen clean, sanitized, and organized!