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At Envirotek Solutions our team has over 20 years of experience and we have become extremely passionate about the hospitality industry and development of people to achieve exceptional results in this highly competitive industry. We have a strong team of innovative professionals that will teach you the most valuable lessons of the hospitality business. At Envirotek solutions we get up close and personal to our clients. Working with various food service operations and their individual challenges and budgets, we understand the financial pressures as well as both the physical and emotional demands. Our business is made to help you succeed in these endeavors while starting or reconstructing your business and allowing it to successfully make more money for you.

Starting with a single customer our business has grown one at a time to the point that we currently provide products and service to hundreds of businesses throughout Ontario. We are a one-stop shop solution with superior cleaning products, equipment and training solutions to meet and surpass your every expectation. We also service dish washing machines, laundry equipment and more restaurant related machinery.

The core services we provide is to build your business from the ground up and meeting those goals under planned budgets. Allow us to meet and offer a consultation on how our business will become an asset to building yours.

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Turning Dream into Reality

Work with Envirotek Solutions to make your restaurant dream become a reality. With our turn key procedure in play, your reality is only a grasp away. We partner with reputable architects, engineers, inspectors and industry professionals to make sure your restaurant proposal is done correctly and thoroughly from start to end.

Save Money

Our team can assess your business in every aspect, from your maintenance, to equipment rental to day-to-day business operation. Click to see what we can offer to make crucial changes to get more from your business.

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Some feedback from our loyal clients.

The team that was assigned to our project were extremely professional throughout the project and assured that the my expectations were met and often exceeded. Thanks for everything.
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Nishan Ram

Heaven Gastro Club - Waterloo, Ontario